Church Relationships – Expectations

The following statements were adopted by those who wish to be a part of the faith community at Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church in March 2014. All persons are expected to adhere to these statements in order to form authentic, responsible, and healthy relationships within the church. Leaders within our faith community are required to utilize these components, practices, and expectations in all their dealings as a representative of this church.  We are grateful for the immeasurable blessings we’ve received through the example of “recovery” organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous in creating these statements of right relationship.

12 Expectations of Service Enacted in Community

1. The ultimate responsibility and authority for Christian service to others belongs to the church, its members and friends; all that make up the community of faith.

2. Our church delegates complete administrative and operational authority to the office of the Pastor/Moderator of the Board, our Board of Trustees, and our Membership.  We are all servants.

3. The right of decision makes effective leadership possible.

4. Participation is the key to harmony and ministry success.

5. The rights of appeal and petition protect minorities and insure that they be heard.

6. The gathered community of faith acknowledges the primary fiscal administrative responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

7. The Board of Trustees has legal rights while the rights of the gathered community of faith are traditional.

8. The Board of Trustees delegates full authority for routine management of our church to the Pastor and the Pastor’s designated staff and leaders.

9. Good personal leadership and accountability at all service levels is a necessity.

10. Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority in order to avoid double-headed management and personality conflict.

11. Our church leadership is composed of selected committees, executives and staff members.

12. The spiritual foundation for our church’s leadership is contained in the Metropolitan Community Churches statements of faith and bylaws, and is supported in our specified “Components of Faith” and “Practices of Ministry”.

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