Church Relationships – Practices

The following statements were adopted by those who wish to be a part of the faith community at Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church in March 2014. All persons are expected to adhere to these statements in order to form authentic, responsible, and healthy relationships within the church. Leaders within our faith community are required to utilize these components, practices, and expectations in all their dealings as a representative of this church.  We are grateful for the immeasurable blessings we’ve received through the example of “recovery”organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous in creating these statements of right relationship.

12 Practices of Ministry Enacted through Community

1. Our common welfare as a community of faith comes first; individual progress for the greatest number depends upon unity through diversity.

2. For our community’s purpose there is but one authority—a loving God as God may express God’s self in our community conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants—they do not govern or police.

3. The community of believers and non-believers, who gather in the name of Christ for mutual aid, learning, service, and transformation, are considered the church and part of the Body of Christ.  Membership as defined by our affiliated denomination (Metropolitan Community Churches worldwide) is a separate ideology and does not prohibit the participation and inclusion of any person involved in our ministries.  The benefit of membership is twofold: 1) membership enables the inclusion of members into the process of making institutional change for our church organization at our annual congregational meeting and at denominational conferences through voting, and 2) membership enables individuals to hold appointed and/or elected leadership positions within the faith community.

4. Our church is an autonomous entity, except in matters affecting another MCC church or the Metropolitan Community Churches denomination as a whole.

5. Our church has one primary purpose, to extend the reach and impact of the Body of Christ.  We do this by practicing the 12 Components of Faith Enacted in Community, and by welcoming all who choose to enter our church community.

6. Our church does not endorse, finance, or lend money to any outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary spiritual aim. Although a separate entity, we always co-operate with Metropolitan Community Churches in its global efforts.

7. Our church is fully self-supporting.  All contributions to our church arise from the generosity of individuals and organizations that wish to encourage the potential of our ministries.

8. The work of our church is completed by the whole body and the responsibility for the successes and shortcomings of our ministries fall upon all who gather together in faith and service.  While professional clergy leads us and we designate special workers in leadership, our overall impact of ministry rests upon the efforts of the whole.

9. No one title or role shall place the worth of one person in our congregation over another.  Service boards or committees are directly responsible to those they serve; the community of faith.

10. Our church maintains an opinion of justice and equal access to resources for all of God’s creation.  Any opinion outside of our church that is taken on by our community of faith will always support these two tenets.  As such, the solid foundations of our faith may dispel any controversy that arises from our work.

11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain community cohesion at the level of press, radio, films, and TV. We need guard with special care the unity through diversity of all our church body.

12. Unity through diversity and the radical inclusive love of God are the spiritual foundations of all our Practices, ever reminding us to place principles above personalities.

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