Embodiment Diversity Badge Program


Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) endeavor to provide access to an all-inclusive gospel to all who would like to encounter and deepen their relationship with God.  To that end, this series of courses under the overarching theme of Embodiment Diversity is offered for your personal reflective and reflexive learning development.

About the Program

MCC’s around the world will gather in Victora, BC (Canada) in the Summer of 2016.  This program has been implemented to engage conference attendees in access-ability compassion seeking, compassion building, and compassion activism.  These three levels of engagement move participants from awareness, into relationship, and then action on behalf of others.


Badges for the three levels of study will be provided to conference attendees by the Accessibility Coordinator and team.  The badges will be available for wearing as part of individual’s name tag and will identify our dedication to ensuring access to all.  If you are not planning to attend the 2016 conference, but would like to participate, your badge(s) will be sent after the conference, no later than August 15, 2016.

How to Engage

First, sign up for an account with the Wichita Falls MCC website.  You may do so here:

Once logged in, extend your username menu (top right corner) and click “My Learning Profile”.

  • Choose the course you wish to begin.
  • Click “Register Here”
  • Click “Checkout” – our courses are currently free!
  • Click “Paypal” and follow the instructions

When you return to our site, you may begin your study!


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