Enter the Well of Living Water, Watermelons, and Never Give Up!…This Week at MCC!

11 July 2014, In this Issue…


Wichita Falls MCC is an exuberantly inclusive, loving, and serving community of faith offering God’s promise, Christ’s salvation, and the Holy Spirit’s comfort to all.  Our mission to accomplish this vision of our church is to:  Gather in compassionate kinship with acceptance of all, Encourage awakenings within the diverse paths of following Christ, and Celebrate a common faith in a loving God, endless hope in the face of suffering and doubt, and the many gifts of the Spirit present in the Body of Christ.

It is our sincere desire that you find a warm welcome at Wichita Falls MCC,
and a place you may want to seriously consider as your spiritual home. 


The Board of Trustees will be meeting on the following days.  (Dates subject to change in the event of conflicts that arise by members of the board.)

June 22nd  |  July 20th  |  August 24th  |  September 21st  |  November 16th  |  December 14th



Congregational Meeting Forum October 16th at 6:00pm 

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING October 19th (after church) 




In July, we will be meeting Christ at the well.  Like deep wellthe woman who encountered Jesus at Jacob’s well, we will find ourselves approaching the well, entering the company of Christ, immersing ourselves in the gospel teaching, and emerging with renewed understanding and hope.  Don’t miss this month of worship together! 

10:00am – Hospitality Hour
11:00am – Worship

Week 1 – July 6 – “Come to the Water”
This deep well of living water is the source of the renewal of our faith and baptism.  What will we find if we allow ourselves to come near?

Week 2 – July 13 – “Taking the Plunge”
It takes courage.  To jump in.  To move slowly.  The how doesn’t matter as much as the doing.  By entering, we must have willingness to be up to our necks in our questions, our fears, our doubts, and our longings.  But it’s the deepest water that holds what we seek.

Week 3 – July 20 – “You’re Gonna Need a Bathing Suit”
We remember Jesus baptism and our own and ask ourselves what we’ve immersed our everyday lives in – messages or death and fear, or messages of renewal? 

Week 4 – July 27 – “Take a Deep Breath!”
As necessary as our regular breathing, we need the regularity of spiritual renewal.


Get Busy, Live Better!

An integral part of being a community of faith is founded on the ways in which we reach beyond our doors and into the community around us.  As Jesus did, we best serve God when we choose serve others.  Here’s what’s going on and coming up in service to others. 

Get Busy, Live Better!

Wilderness Escape!


Get in touch with your kids, grandkids, neices, nephews, siblings…and get your youth registered for Vacation Bible School!  IT’S FREE!!!  Learn more and Register here:  http://wichitafallsmcc.org/programs/vacation-bible-school 


July 28 – August 1

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


WANT TO SERVE???  We need VBS Volunteers!  

All hands on deck!  We need YOU to help with Vacation Bible School this year!  VBS will be a bit more streamlined this year and being a teacher, a helper, a group leader…it’s all EASY!  The special talent you need?  Just a love for children and a desire to help out!

Please get in touch with Kelly as soon as possible with your availability and area you’re willing to help in.  Email her at KellyP@WichitaFallsMCC.org or call the church office at 940-322-4100 and leave her a message!  Thanks in advance for helping out! 

Church-U Summer Learning & Fun!
Church-U Logo

Church-U KIDZ & Youth!
Do you have children/youth, ages 0-17?  Then we have programming for them!  (Download the Church-U KIDZ & Youth Brochure here!)


For children of all ages (and for the young at heart), we welcome an in-worship
Children’s Moment!  Also, all children and youth are welcome to complete the Worship Activity Packet to stay connected to the message!


 Summer Movies!

Pastor Mel and Kelly and Linda have been hosting weekly movie outings at Cinemark’s Summer Movie Series.  Movies are $1 at the door (or buy tickets for all movies in advance for $5).  Meet on Wednesdays at 9:40am at the theater, and enjoy a movie with your WFMCC family!

Vacation Bible School!  “Wilderness Escape”

Join us July 28 – August 1, 2014
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Children/Youth Outings 
August 17th – Pool Party at Fain Pool!  Join us for an afternoon of splashing…one last hurrah before the school year!  3:00-8:00 p.m. 

Summer Learning…

And here are the adult-learning options for this summer!  (Download the Church-U Summer Learning brochure here!)

Lunch Well-Being: Let’s get a Pharisectomy!

Have you ever run into someone who was totally cynical about church?  At its core,

Pharisectomy: How to Joyfully Remove Your Inner Pharisee and other Religiously Transmitted Diseases (get your copy here!) is about dealing with the hypocrisy, the cynicism, and the elitism – not in others, but in ourselves!  Offering: Wednesdays, 12:45pm, during the month of July.  Sign up here!

Flames of Faith Flames of Faith
This six-week book study on “Flames of Faith: A Thumbnail Guide to World Religions” by John Cunyus (get your copy here!) considers our views of religions, including and beyond our own.
Offering:  Thursdays, 6:00pm, July 24 – August 28Sign up here!

At this time we are not able to provide books for participants of these studies.  Participants are expected to purchase their own copy, or get one from our local library.  However, if you need help obtaining a book, please let Pastor Mel know, so she can seek out needed scholarships!  If you’d like to offer a scholarship, simply make your offering with a note of its purpose.  Thanks!


The Board of Trustees is currently reviewing the contract between the church and Pastor Mel.  Several items in the contract, due to finances, haven’t been met in 2012, 2013, and will not be met in 2014.  We believe it would be beneficial to complete this review (which is written into the contract on a yearly basis) to ensure that our covenants with one another can be met.  Prayers for this review are needed!  Thank you!

On a financial note, our savings account is down to under $1,000.  Some funds need to be transferred to that account from our checking funds to replenish designated funds unintentionally used for regular drafts (for music salary and mortgage).  However, regular giving through offerings on Sunday is not enough to meet all church expenses without drafts from savings.  We expect this will continue to be the case through the summer and fall.  Prayers for the church’s finances are MOST appreciated!  The current financial report is posted in the church foyer for your review.

UPDATE: The Board of Trustees met this past Sunday after worship to consider a request by Pastor Mel to seek out a potential candidate for Substitute Worship Music Leader, a stipend position to help with worship with our wonderful Director of Music needs to take a Sunday off!  The stipend is $50 (the same as the honorarium to cover preachers when Pastor Mel is out) for the Sunday’s leadership.  If you know of someone who meets the qualifications below, please let Pastor Mel know (PastorMel@WichitaFallsMCC.org) immediately! 

1. Proficient with piano, able to sight read with excellence. Also, welcome a player with the ability to play via lead sheet chording for praise music.
2. If needed, able to sing while playing for hymn leading. (In the absence of established music leader volunteers)
3. Available via two week notice for sub gigs. Must be available for regular dates, including: Christmas Eve, Sunday after Christmas, Sunday after Thanksgiving, Sunday after Easter, Mother’s Day.
4. Able to offer a special music during offertory, when needed.
5. MUST be able to work with the Music Director by making time on weeks prior to Sunday coverage to go through music choices and walk through the service needs.


Community Opportunity


Downtown Wichita Falls Development (DWFD) and the Charlie Thornberry Farmers Market Association present the third annual Watermelon Fest, on Saturday, July 26th, at the Downtown Farmers Market (8th & Ohio St.) from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Watermelon Fest is free and open to the public. There will be free treats for the children and all the watermelon you can eat (while supplies last)!  



8:00: Sidewalk Chalk Contest and Watermelon Carving Contest (awarded at end of festival)

11:00 Seed Spitting Contest

12:00 Whipped Cream Eating Contest

1:00 Awards



Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Sidewalk Chalk Mural Contest

Watermelon Carving Contest


“When one has tasted it [Watermelon] he knows what the angels eat.”- Mark Twain


This November, FOUR openings will need to be voted on to fill seats on the Board of Trustees.  Our thanks goes out to Lois Gallenberger and Gail Murphy for their service, and we honor their need (both for health and family reasons) to resign their seats on the board at that time. 

Please be in prayer now about your willingness and call to serve on the Board of Trustees!  We need you!  Download a Board of Trustees Application Here!  Details of the seats that will be available:

1.  Currently held by Gail Murphy – seat to be elected for 1 year of service
2.  Currently held by Lois Gallenberger – seat to be elected for 1 year of service
3.  Currently held by Shirley Miller – seat to be elected for 2 years of service
4.  Currently held by John Snyder – seat to be elected for 2 years of service 



Downtown Dinner


Next Dinner: 

July 15th  

Save the Dates:  August 19

Come help us serve those in need!  Arrive at or near 5:30pm.  Dinner service starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:30pm.


CREATING A LIFE THAT MATTERSCreating a Life that Matters


Pray for Your 2013-2014 Class! 


The class for this year’s CLM study is 7 members strong!  Please keep Kim F, Laura N, Crystal N, Shirley M, Deon W, Pam F, and Janise S as they take on this journey of rediscovery!  We’ve entered course 3…Rediscovering Relationship with My Passion!



Let’s Get Together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! 


Join us for our monthly meeting of GenderQuest.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm in the WFMCC Sanctuary.  Got gender?  Then GenderQuest is for you!


OVEREATER’S ANONYMOUSOvereater's Anonymous

Compulsive overeaters are invited to a weekly meeting of Overeaters Anonymous on Saturdays from

9:00 – 10:00 AM at WFMCC at 1401 Travis (at 14th Street.) Please use the side door on Travis Street rather than the front door.

For more information, contact Linda at 940-723-4395.


From: “Ten Choices You Will Regret in Ten Years” (the-open-mind.com)

Giving up when the going gets tough. – There are no failures, just results.  Even if things don’t unfold the way you had expected, don’t be disheartened or give up.  Learn what you can and move on.  The one who continues to advance one step at a time will win in the end.  Because the battle is always won far away and long before the final victory.  It’s a process that occurs with small steps, decisions, and actions that gradually build upon each other and eventually lead to that glorious moment of triumph.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9) 


There’s just nothing worse than giving your all to a project or a person only to find that the outcome you’d planned for and expected is just not going to come to pass.  When we offer ourselves to something wholeheartedly, we sometimes forget in the process that our heart is very much on our sleeve.  If we’re not careful, a falter, a change of direction, any roadblock at all can leave us so heartbroken and exhausted that giving up seems to be the only real choice.

Yet, we serve a God who never gives up on us.  And if we are doing the work of God, work that pleases the Spirit and shares with others our genuine self as blessed by Christ, we are asked to not give up, either. 

To be a part of the Chosen People – God’s beloved – means that we can claim an entire history of relationship between human beings and God.  The pieces of that history recorded in the Bible reveal a tumultuous relationship…more often than not, made tumultuous by the PEOPLE involved.  Story after story reveal a people that, over time, gives up on God’s revealed way of living, and opts for easier or more comfortable paths.  Whether we like it or not, following God tends to get us involved in difficult things; even though the rewards are usually far greater for our spirits. 

For instance, God wants us to help the poor…so we help the poor.  Whether or not the poor then do what we think they ought is beside the point.  No matter what, God says help the poor.  When we give up, we not only give up on that person – a created child of God – we give up on God’s request.

Same goes for helping the grieving, the sick, the battered, the abused, the hungry, the desolate.  All of God’s children; regardless of whether or not they receive our help (they ARE allowed to say no!), or follow help with ways to help themselves. 

Jesus told us that the poor would always be with us.  That wasn’t an indication that we might as well give up and stop helping them, but that our call to help would be neverending…and our responsibility to our siblings would always be a part of this life.  For we know that the reward in the end (or the beginning) is due us, not for all we accomplish, but for all we are.  Never give up.  The race is not yet over.

Keep up the good Gospel, MCC!  You Are Loved!  

Let no one tell you otherwise!
Yay, God!!! 


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