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27 Years in Ministry Together!

Wichita Falls MCC is a loving, growing, vibrant community of people. Our mission is to be a Christ-centered community of believers. We strive to provide a faith-filled spiritual experience for families and individuals of all ages. Through worship, music, play and service we acknowledge and celebrate God’s all-inclusive love. It is our sincere desire that you find a warm welcome at Wichita Falls MCC, and a place you may want to seriously consider as your spiritual home. 


What does community look like that is living out its call to be the “people of God?” In this four week series, we are asked by our inspirational theme song to “I
magine the People of God” that care,
share, believe, receive, seek, dream and change.

“I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters
shall prophesy, your old ones shall dream dreams, and your
young ones shall see visions.” 
~ Joel 2:28-32   
“Choosing Compassion” 
Philippians 2:1-10 (NIV) & Luke 10:25-37 (NRSV)

Bring a Picture (or a copy of one) of yourself and your
chosen families that are impacted by our church or
impact your presence at our church…

Plan to leave it at church for awhile!  We’re being artsy!


Come see what God
and a SPIDER
have in common… eeek!     

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Kansas State Seal

The discrimination of people by people has been a theme throughout human history.  In Jesus’ time, the Jews were overruled by the Romans…a religious group living within the constraints of a government they did not have any input in selecting.  The view of the “Messiah” was one in which such external governmental rule wouldn’t be needed…that Israel would be its own government. 

Though you may think this is all old news, please consider it carefully and with much prayer.  This week, the State of Kansas legislation is passing a bill that is VERY LIKELY to become law…and it’s based on a particular religious leaning.  Under the guise of respecting religious belief, Kansas legislators are pushing through a bill that will allow, without penalty, religious people to refuse to serve or accommodate people whose  sexual orientation or gender identity they find distasteful or ungodly. 

As we continue to discuss the kind of church we want to be, our impact on the world continues to be a constant theme.  How do we make impact beyond our four walls…for beyond our four walls there are those who would bring back an era of discrimination and violence that our faith should have long-held as against our faith.  Right now, they have the microphone…what will YOU do to claim our voice of faith and the lessons of love and compassion?

Just a glimpse of the Bill’s Intent…

Who it protects:
Individuals & Organizations

What it protects:

Discrimination through refusal of service based on religious belief that the person seeking service is in a relationship they find disagreeable.

What it protects them from:  Governmental Requirement to serve and ANY subsequent civil claim, cause of action, penalty, or discrimination

What they can refuse:

* Any Services
* Accommodations
* advantages
* facilities
* goods
* privileges
* counseling
* adoption
* foster care
* social services
* employment
* employment benefits



“You must not lose faith in humanity.  Humanity is an ocean; If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Camera Rolling...And…ACTION!
MSU Mass Comm

This January, we received an appeal from a group of Mass Communication students at Midwestern State University.  They’re senior project – they graduate in May 2014 – is a 15-20 minute documentary on an important aspect of life in Wichita Falls.  Knowing the Falls as a VERY religious community, and upon learning about our church, they have decided to focus their project on Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church.

“With all the religious influence in Wichita Falls, it’s just RIDICULOUS that people don’t know about this church that’s open to anyone.  We want to tell that story and get the word out.”  ~ Maggie, Student Filmmaker

After much prayer, Pastor Mel has decided to allow the documentary to go forward.  She has consulted leadership for affirmation support, with the following consideration…

It is still an unfortunate reality that some of us continue to struggle with the stigma that exists about our church in the community, and even though our church’s embracing of diversity is to include anyone, experience real fear at being identified as associated with our faith community.  As such, for the period of time that this documentary filming will take place, we will have a “Safe, NO FILMING Area” in our sanctuary during worship.  This area will be excluded from any filming and will have its own communion service to maintain anonymity. 

Also, during our programming, such as daily office hours, Downtown Dinner, Community Garden work, Homeless Bag Outreach, donation drive delivery, education classes, rehearsals and meetings, we will both honor a “Safe, NO FILMING Area” and nametags available for folks to note “Please, No Filming” as they move about our ministry and space.  These nametags will make it easy for our guests to block out individuals in need.


I’m glad you asked…  This project is being done by students (mostly young people) with a desire to tell OUR story, rather than allow those who have presumed our story in the public to have the only voice.  Allowing the project is FREE for us and will be done professionally.  Also, the film screening will be a public event at MSU, opening our story up to many who are currently unaware.  Finally, the final project will be added to YouTube, providing viral, ongoing publicity for our faith community.  And it will be IN OUR OWN WORDS!

If you have concerns that aren’t met by this plan, please call Pastor Mel at 214-500-1935 or email her at  Appointments to discuss your needs are available.  

For those of us who are able to be filmed and are willing to be interviewed, please begin considering what you would like to share with this team of enthusiastic students!   


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi



Where there is love there is life.“- Mahatma Gandhi


2014 Fundraiser Golf Tournament
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014
Archer City Country Club

Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church is sponsoring a Scramble Golf Tournament.  The tournament will be held at Archer City Country club on Saturday, May 3, 2014.



Participants must be at least 16 years old to enter!!! The first 18 teams to register will be accepted.  Each team will consist of 4 players and entry fee is $60 per player. 


Registration Fee is due NO LATER THAN April 4, 2014.  

Morning round check in begins at 7:30am and Afternoon round check in begins at 12 noon.


Entry fee includes:  18 holes of golf, riding cart, lunch and chance to win awards.

Burgers & hotdogs served from 11am – 2pm.

Mulligan packages:  $15 each (in advance) or $25 each (day of tournament).  3 mulligans per package.



Awards will be presented for three contests:  Longest Drive, Closest to Pin, and Lowest Score will be presented at the end of the tournament.



Complete the registration form and mail to:

WFMCC Golf Tournament
c/o Sandra George
1401 Travis St.
Wichita Falls, TX  76301
Checks payable to Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church

NOTE: Golf Tournament




Register Online Here! 


Downtown Dinner

Next Dinner:  THIS TUESDAY – February 18th
Save the Dates:  March 18, April 15, May 20

Come help us serve those in need!  Arrive at or near 5:30pm.  Dinner service starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:30pm.


CREATING A LIFE THAT MATTERSCreating a Life that Matters


Pray for Your 2013-2014 Class! 


The class for this year’s CLM study is 7 members strong!  Please keep Kim F, Laura N, Crystal N, Shirley M, Deon W, Pam F, and Janise S as they take on this journey of rediscovery!  We’ve entered course 2…Rediscovering Relationship with My Self!



Let’s Get Together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! 


Join us for our monthly meeting of GenderQuest.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm in the WFMCC Sanctuary.  Got gender?  Then GenderQuest is for you!


OVEREATER’S ANONYMOUSOvereater's Anonymous

Compulsive overeaters are invited to a weekly meeting of Overeaters Anonymous on Saturdays from 9:00 – 10:00 AM at WFMCC at 1401 Travis (at 14th Street.) Please use the side door on Travis Street rather than the front door.
For more information, contact Linda at 940-723-4395.



With the increased use of our church kitchen this year for social gatherings, downtown dinner service, various meetings and ministries, we could use a revitalized set of tools for preparing food.  Now through March 2014 Market Streetand United Grocery is hosting it’s bi-annual cookware giveaway with their bonus stickers.  Consider collecting your stickers for the church!  Simply collect the stickers when you check out and bring them to church to place in the offering plate (or mail them to 1401 Travis St., WF, TX 76301).  Thank you! 


“Before the throne of the Almighty [we] will be judged, not by [our] acts, but by [our] intentions.  For God alone reads our hearts.”  

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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