Our Leaders

Church leaders serve in specific areas of ministry as they grow in their spiritual connection with God.  Leading in the church is a privilege, and a responsibility, as we are blessed with the opportunity to be of service to others, as we serve Christ.  Leadership changes as ministries change and grow.  Below are a list of leaders currently serving Christ in specific positions of ministry in our church.  (Ministries listed alphabetically.)

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a body of members in good standing elected by the congregation (or appointed by the elected board members in the case of a mid-year vacancy) to maintain the fiduciary and administrative health of our church.

Rev. Mel Martinez, Moderator
Shirley Miller, Vice Moderator
Beth Romm, Treasurer
Linda Hoagland, Clerk
Gary White, Member at Large
Debi Cardenas, Member at Large

Children & Youth



Gail Murphy “Murph”
Children’s Moment Coordinator


Kelly Poer
Children & Youth Coordinator


The Deacon Council offer the essentials of Congregational Care through prayer, laying on of hands, distribution of communion, and general attentiveness to the lives and needs of congregants.  At the culmination of a two-level (minimum two-year) program, candidates are offered a blessing of specific ministry as a Deacon in the community.



Laura Nix
Level 1 Deacon Studies



Kelly Poer
Level 1 Deacon Studies

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team focuses on receiving people into our community of faith well.  The primary offering of the Hospitality Team is our Sunday morning breakfast prior to worship.  This is an hour (10am) of fellowship time every week that helps our community connect and enjoy being a church family together.  All are welcome!



Lois Wagner
Hospitality Team Lead


Music is an important part of our worship and is an all-engaging way to participate in praise together! Our Music program includes the Voices in Praise Choir (with practice clinics once per month, email for more info), Praise Team (practice at 6:00pm Wednesdays), and seasonal opportunities.


Our Pastor serves Christ through work in the church community.  Offering pastoral counsel, administrative, visionary, and ministerial leadership, and guidance for the spiritual development of congregants, the pastor engages in all areas of church life and health.  Our pastor also serves as the primary officiant and leader of all worship services.



Rev. Mel Martinez “Pastor Mel”
Email  |  Bio


Worship is our primary ministry, offered each week on Sunday at 11:00am.  Join us!


Crys McDonald
Audio/Visual Lead

Yard & Garden

churchyardWe are blessed with a size yard that is best maintained by a team.  Thankfully, we are also blessed with congregants who love the outdoors!  The yard crew (which is ever-changing) tends to the yard as each of their schedules permit.  To receive texts about when members of the crew will be doing yard work, text/call 940-322-4100.

Our Community Garden, spanning 400 square feet (approximately), offers fresh vegetables to any who work the garden, and the surplus is given to those in need.  The garden is open for tending on Tuesdays, 9am-12pm, or by appointment.  Call 940-322-4100 to make an appointment.

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