Downtown Dinner

a community ministry of…

The Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls
First UMC

I am so grateful that I can help provide food for the people that come to the MCC I have never gone to bed hungry- except when the doctor has ordered it!-and I’ve never not had a bed to go to-except when Uncle Sam put me out in the field but even then I had an all-weather sleeping bag!- or not had a place to call home-ever!  I’ve been blessed and not as grateful as I should be and the people that come through are always gracious and kind and they want to share with others –stories, jokes, magic tricks and sometimes even the food they are receiving they take to others and their smiles are wonderful and it makes me feel like I really can make a difference even if it is just offering cookies to someone.   ~Marie, a volunteer

What is it?

Downtown Dinner is an offering of a fresh, home-cooked meal to anyone in need.  We serve dinner on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Doors open at 5:30pm, and dinner is served from 6:00pm until the food’s gone!  Dinner is held in the WFMCC Fellowship Hall at 1401 Travis St.

More Feedback…

The pleasure of feeding others begins early in our lives, and for the fortunate among us it lasts a lifetime.  Usually the people we feed are our family and friends.  Once in a while we are given the opportunity to feed complete strangers, people with whom we might otherwise never exchange a glance or a word, and this particular joy is what we experience when we volunteer at a food pantry or a soup kitchen.  Such opportunity was found recently at a dinner in the Metropolitan Community Church for which the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls provided and served the food to people who crossed the street from Faith Mission for their evening meal.  Face-to-face, eye contact, a little small talk and lots of smiles, sharing God’s bounty with those who have so little, and enjoying together the real happiness of both giving and receiving thanks; it was a memorably fine experience, one which I’m looking forward to repeating when we do this again in December.  ~ Ann, a volunteer

…the generosity of the people that provide the food is amazing!  Most of the time there is food left over and then it is taken over to Faith Mission to help feed those that weren’t able to come over to the MCC and everyone knows that leftovers are the best!  So to God for giving me the ability to both physically and financially provide food, to MCC and United Methodist for being there, to those who come for a home cooked meal and offer smiles, I say…” thank you God.”  ~Marie, a volunteer


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