WFMCC News – July 4th Hot Dog Fundraiser, Garage Sale Reprise, & VBS Outback Rock!

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Wichita Falls MCC…You are Welcome Here!
3 July 2015

Vacation Bible School is HERE!  Join us for Outback Rock!

Outback Rock

Thursday-Friday, July 23rd & 24th
Saturday, July 24th
10am – 12pm


Hot DogsJuly 4th Fundraiser
Come Support UR Church!

Wichita Falls MCC will be hosting the hot dog stand outside of Shoe Carnival on Kemp & Call Field!  From 10am-2pm (and perhaps later) we will sell hot dog lunch!  Check out our menu and stop by for a visit.  We would love to see you!  

All proceeds go to the ministries of WFMCC.

If you’d like to help out, just show up any time between 9:30am and 2pm and there will be a job for you!


   Hot dog – $2.00                           Chips – $0.75
w/cheese – $2.25                      Sodas – $1.00
Chili/Cheese dog – $3.00            Popcorn – $1.00
‘Craut dog – $2.75                       Ketchup, Mustard, Relish included

Get Married @ WFMCC!

Thank You SCOTUS!

Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church and Rev. Mel Martinez are ready to help you with witnessing your same-sex wedding as soon as licenses are available at Wichita County Courthouse. Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) began the battle for marriage equality in 1968 and are not only willing, but excited to celebrate your wedding.

Members of WFMCC may reserve the church building for free.  Non-Members are asked to provide a $100 donation for building use.  Pastor Mel is offering her service as officiant at no set fee; an honorarium of your ability is appreciated.

For more information, contact 940-322-4100 or email us at

License Requirements at the Wichita County Clerk’s office:  

There is a 72 hour waiting period once you get your license. However, you can talk to a judge and ask them to waive it. 

The license is good for 90 days. Cost: $82
Cash (exact change) or credit card (+$2.26) accepted
Must Bring:
One valid form ID each – passport, Driver’s License, etc.
Need social security number (you don’t have to bring your card)
City, County, State of birth for both people

Garage Sale!

Garage SaleIt was SO fun and we had SO MUCH stuff, that we’re doing the sale again!  Mark your calendar!

Friday & Saturday, July 17-18th
7:30am…till it’s gone!

Current StudyA.D. television series image

Watch the Series

Episode One was a great start to the series!  If you missed it and would like to watch, go to

Study Together

In small groups through the week, you will have the opportunity to discuss the week’s episode and the scripure that pertains to it. Learn about the major players in the book, from Peter to Paul, and their impact on the formation of the Early Church.

Study Group 2 – WFMCC Fellowship Hall – Thursdays 7:00pm

Lesson 1 – Hope for a New Beginning
Lesson 3 – Pentecost Power
Lesson 5 – A Bigger Picture
Lesson 7 – A Wider Circle
Lesson 9 – Let It Go
Lesson 11 – Credit the Source
Lesson 2 – Wait for It
Lesson 4 – What Matters Most
Lesson 6 – Scattered Seeds
Lesson 8 – Respond to God
Lesson 10 – Life Moments
Lesson 12 – Unstoppable

I am Texas Bumper Sticker

texans4christI am Texas Campaign
Do you ever get tired of not being represented in major Texas and national (and global) media outlets among “Christians”?  Ever wonder where “Christ” really is in our Christian communities?  Do you wish that a more welcoming voice, a more compassionate perspective, or a more authentically Christ-like attitude were guiding the conversation?

Here’s your chance to help build a community of Texas Christian and spiritual social justice-makers…and help our church as well!  We’re starting with Wichita Falls MCC and the bumper sticker “I am Texas”.  The website is a feature website for churches and spiritual communities that follow the example of Jesus of Nazareth, Christ, through compassion and service.

This campaign is JUST BEGINNING!  Bumpber stickers, t-shirts, posters…all of these help a local church like WFMCC raise money to enhance ministries so that when communities are featured on the site and receive visitors attracted to our message, we are ready!

Support WFMCC NOW by getting your “I am Texas” bumper sticker today!  Click here!

Membership Class!!!

Welcome to our new members!  This June, we welcomed Anita H., Kristen K., Mary Ellen C., Harvey W., Ally W., and Jessica W. to the membership of WFMCC!

Are you interested in becoming a member of WFMCC?  Join us for Membership class!

The next Membership class will be Saturday, July 12th at 10:00am.  RSVP to 940-322-4100!  Snacks provided…plan on staying two hours.


New Member Class

Documents…these will be provided at class, but in case you’d like to preview them:

  1. Spiritual Gifts Inventory (adult & youth, password: gospeloflove)
  2. WFMCC Bylaws & SOP’s
  3. WFMCC Membership Covenant
  4. Budgeting for Health & Wholeness

We need volunteersCall for Volunteers…

We have need for volunteers in several areas of the life of our church.  Please let Pastor Mel know (, 214-500-1935) if you are willing to serve in any of the following roles…  NOTE: Service on some teams require membership in the church.  This is not to exclude anyone, but to ensure that those assisting with decisions have been involved in the life of the congregation for some time and have a sense of the covenant of membership and expectations therein.  Members who wish to serve, but who have not signed a membership covenant will need to sign a covenant to begin service.


1. Bylaws Team – Some months ago we were notified that UFMCC does not have a copy of our bylaws on file.  After review of our Bylaws, it’s become clear that the current version is not substantial enough to 1) protect the church or 2) foster excellent relationships through reasonable expectations church-wide.  So, we need three volunteers to serve with the Board of Trustees in writing and presenting new bylaws.  Reading and writing skills necessary.  Member Only.

2. Stewardship Team – The Stewardship Team focses on the task of organizing events and ongoing fundraisers to raise money in an effort to reach our budget needs.  This team needs to be creative in thought, willing to offer time and talent to various fundraisers, self-motivated, and excited to spread the word about our congregation!  We are in need of…
a) Two volunteers to serve as team co-leaders, members only.
b) Three volunteers to serve as team members: two members, one friend of the church.

3. Benevolence Team – The Benevolence Team focuses on raising money and resources (food, clothes, phone cards, etc) to help serve individuals and families unable to make ends meet through other organization efforts.  We are in need of…
a) Two volunteers to serve as team co-leaders, members only.
b) Three volunteers to serve as team members: members or friends of the church.

4. Worship Team – Do you enjoy planning excellent visuals, doing the order of worship “right”, and would you like to work closely with Pastor Mel to plan the spiritual journey of our congregation through worship?  Then you are needed!  We are in need of…
a) One volunteer to serve as team co-lead (with Pastor Mel), member only.
b) Three to Five volunteers to serve as team members: members or friends of the church.

5.  Safe Sanctuaries Team – In this world, we come into contact with people whose behavior injures others.  Nowhere is this more challenging for us than in the case of sexual offenders.  Still, Jesus has set the example for us that those who have expressed remorse and seek to live a better life deserve our welcome and our diligence in assisting them along the way. To that end, we must both 1) make sure that our sanctuary is open to all, and 2) ensure that all within our sanctuary are safe.  We need a team of gifted, forgiving, and responsible people to help us realize these goals. We are in need of…
a) One volunteer to serve as team co-lead (with Pastor Mel and a member of the Board of Trustees), member only.
b) Three volunteers to serve as team members: members only.

The Life of the Church

Music Ministry
WFMCC Voices in Praise Choir – Choir clinic is coming up!  Join us July 12th at 1:00pm for the next clinic.  This is a GREAT time to try out choir if you’ve ever considered making that joyful noise!  Come join us!

WFMCC Worship Music Leadership – Music is an important part of our worship experience.  As such, several music worship leaders are needed.  If you are interested in leading in worship in the area of music, we have the following needs:  1)  Technical Music Lead (needs knowledge of using an iPad – provided), 2)  Rhythm guitarist, 3)  Hymn Leaders, 4)  Praise Leaders.  Worship singers must be able to adequately lead the melody of selected hymns.  If you are interested in any of these leadership opportunities, join music rehearsals at 5:30pm on Wednesdays!  Show up and we will do our best to find you a place to lead!
Outreach – Serve with your church family!
Tuesday Morning Crew – Have a few hours to devote to those necessary “odd jobs” around church? Join the Tuesday Morning Crew! 9:00am – 12:00pm
Downtown Dinner – Help Serve the community while you experience the benefit of sharing Christ’s love with others! Service: Every third Tuesday, 5:30pm
Community Garden Team – The Community Garden Team is already being harvested.  The strawberries are in season!  Come join us in working the garden!
Hospitality Hour – Come to church a little early on Sunday and enjoy a full breakfast and time to connect! Service: Sundays, 10:00am

Board of Trustees – Meeting – July 19th, after church

Also at Church…


Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization of people who want to share their experiences, lend strength and help the members and others recover from alcoholism. Into Action Meeting Mondays, 7:00pm, in the rear fellowship hall. This is an OPEN meeting!


Overeaters Anonymous is now meeting at the church during the lunch hour on Wednesdays. This is an OPEN meeting! All are welcome.

Church Relationship Building

Are you struggling to connect with others at church? Finding that your expectations aren’t being met? Need to speak with someone about getting and staying connected? Review these important documents adopted by our church in March 2014. These are guiding principles that help us all know what is to be expected, what we can expect, and how we can build lasting relationships with one another.

Components of Church Relationships >>

Practices of Church Relationships >>

Expectations of Church Relationships >>

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