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WFMCC Weekly 22 August 2013
Wichita Falls MCC

Wichita Falls MCC includes people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. We come from a variety of faith traditions and denominations, or
no religion at all.  All are welcome and we are a community that is Abundantly Blessed!


Giving Opportunities…
See below for a current list of needs at church.  And, as always…thank you!!!

  • Kitchen Items:  Sugar, Lemonade Mix, Iced Tea Bags (Family Size) – lots of each! 
  • Storage boxes – plastic, with lids – for organization.  Small and medium sizes.
  • Plastic shopping bags (like from Walmart)
  • Nail and screw set for wall hangings   

Texoma Prays


Sunday, August 25
6:00 – 7:00pm
at Wichita Theater

Pastor Mel joined in a discussion about hosting a community prayer service in mid July.  From that meeting of clergy and church leaders, this prayer service is being offered as an opportunity for those from all Christian walks of faith to come together and pray for rain. 

If you would like to attend and sit with your MCC family, meet Pastor Mel at the door of Wichita Theater at 5:30pm.  We will enter the prayer service together at 5:45pm. 

Prayer is an important part of our lives as people of faith, no matter what differences our faith communities may have.  Please, take this opportunity to be a larger Christian community and embrace the power of prayer.  Service will be led by radio station KMOC 89.5.


Worship this Week…

Worship Scriptures:

Hebrews 12:18-29
Luke 13:10-17

Sermon title:

“Bringing the Sacrifice
of Praise”


Who We Are: Intentionally Inclusive

Written by Rev. Mel Martinez
21 August 2013

God is a great Creator with an immense love for diversity and unity.  How do we know?  Well, just look around you in nature and among the people in your life.  As much as there is similarity in this world, there is wide diversity.  Colors, shapes, sizes of everything in nature (including people) point to a Creator with endless imagination; and yet, also, infinite love for unity.

There are aspects of creation that struggle to coexist, but we can still say that all things work together for good…whether good is in life found in this earth, or in the heavens we hope for.  Consider the wonder expressed by King David in the book of Psalms when speaking of those who are steadfast in their goodness…”They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither. In all that they do, they prosper.” (Psalm 1:3)

In our church, we believe that all persons have the potential for such goodness, strength and prosperity in character.  We also believe that the church has the potential…



Downtown Dinner

Next Dinner: September 17
Save the Dates…
October 15
November 19

Volunteers needed to help set up, serve, and clean up.  Please let us know you’re planning to come help!  Email:

It would be a wonderful addition to our Downtown Dinner program to be able to put out a sign in front of the church for each Tuesday we serve.  If you would be interested in helping us purchase a vinyl sign to advertise in our neighborhood when the Downtown Dinner is, please let Pastor Mel know.


HHH Camp IN!

HHH Camp IN 2013!

We need your help to host more than 20 people we have registered for this year’s HHH Camp IN! 

The primary contact for this effort is Deacon Candidate, Linda Hoagland. Volunteers are needed to help plan, set up, stay overnight, and clean up…any offer of time (an hour – all day) is welcome!  Please let Linda know you would like to help. 


Creating a Life that Matters
Creating a Life that Matters is BACK!


WFMCC is offering the Creating a Life that Matters curriculum beginning in September 2013.  Last year’s class, our inaugural class, completed the curriculum and will be supporting this new class through prayer and encouragement and, as able, through their leadership during courses. 

Cost for this Class:  $99 individuals, $175 couples
Scholarships available…if you need to be considered for a scholarship, let Pastor Mel know! 
Course Dates to be determined BASED ON PARTICIPANT SCHEDULES.  Anticipated start date is September 29th.  18-week course, with planned breaks, should be completed in February 2014.  Certification of completion is provided.

Join this amazing group of CLM Grads!!!

Barb M. Beth R. Cookie C.
Karen B. Kelly P. Linda H.
Lois G. Ronda H. Sam C.
Tammy E. Trish D.

Support WFMCC by Donating Online!

Click the button below to send your tithe or donation online via debit/credit card!

In This Issue
Texoma Prays
Worship this Week
Who We Are: Intentionally Inclusive
Downtown Dinner
HHH Camp IN!
CLM is Back!
Radical Generosity
Prayers & Praises
Worship Participation
Mark Your Calendars!


Radical Generosity
Many thanks to all who have offered their time and talents to making our community strong and welcoming! 
4th – $1,664 (45 attendance)
11th – TBD
18th – $683.86 (54 attendance)


7th – $948.42 (25 attendance)
14th – $1215.86 (37 attendance)
21st – TBD
28th – $773 (41 attendance)
Fiscal 1st Qtr
Total:  $13,501.76 (40 avg attendance) 


Prayers and Praises


Add your Thanksgivings and Prayer Requests:

Thanksgiving/Praise for… Our wonderful church! This church & our loving savior! A fantastic new ministry serving the needy!  A place of welcome where God loves me.   
Prayers for

Gabby G – friend of Brylee’s Abilene family, following diagnosis of inoperable cancer…need comfort and peace for all who are affected by her life.  Debra’s mom – healing and comfort.  MJ’s Mom, Lucille – healing and comfort.     Lois W – healing and clarity.  Lois G – healing from pneumonia.  Shirley & Family.  Robyn H – comfort and company. 

Pray with Us

Loving God, surround with comfort and grace all those who suffer.  Embrace us with your constant presence and guide us along the path laid out before us.  Remind us of your ever-present Self so that we may be assured that we are never alone.  Move us in love with you so deeply that we cannot help but speak Your name to all who would listen.  In Your most holy and precious names, Amen.  




Special thanks to all of you who have volunteered to serve during worship this week!  Please remember to be at church by 10:15 (Lead Usher) and 10:40 (everyone else) to check in!  

Lead Usher/
Altar Candles – Mistee (Jaek acolyte) 
Greeter – Mistee       

Altar Set up & Clean up – Deon

Offering Ushers – Justin & Lindsey
Invitation to Generosity – Barbara

Community Prayer – Karen
Invocation & Reader – Kelly
Message – Pastor Mel
Celebrant – Pastor Mel
Co-Celebrant – Kelly
Assist Table – Deon

Holder 1 – Melvin
Holder 2 – Shirley
Holder 3 – Debra

Server 1 – Laura
Server 2 – Barbara 

Worship Participants!!!

If you have questions about the role in which you serve, Deacon Cookie is available to help!  Just arrive at church by 10:00am and let her know you need a refresher.  She will be happy to help!


Calendar of Events


Weekly Events…     



5:30 pm – Blended Journey Rehearsal
7:00 pm – Choir Practice


9:00 am – Praise Team Rehearsal

11:00 am – Worship Service  

5:00 pm – Youth Group  











Special Events/
Dates to Remember


Hotter’N Hell Hundred Camp IN
August 23-24  (see our website) 

Contact Linda H to volunteer   


Texoma Prays 

August 25 – 6:00-7:00pm 


Human Society Supply Drive

Sundays, September 1, 8, 15, 22


Downtown Dinner (to the needy)

September 17, 5:30pm (gather/setup) 6:00-7:30pm dinner service



Blessing of the Animals

September 26, 6:30pm 


Mark Your Calendars!!!

Here are a few things to watch for over the next coming months!  Mark your calendar and watch for updates!
September Focus on Pets!
During the month of September, we will be taking donations of food and other supplies that the Humane Society is in need of.  A list of items will be provided during the last weeks of August.  We will collect donations September 1, 8, 15, and 22…and on the 22nd all are invited to join our youth at a Sunday afternoon work day AT the Humane Society!  We will follow up our month of service to our furry, slimy, scaly friends with a Blessing of the Animals service Thursday, September 26th at 6:30pm!
September is Texas Pride!
Pride in Wichita Falls is tentatively planning a trip to enjoy the Dallas Pride Parade on September 14th.  Contact Pastor Mary for more info!
Also, we are considering hosting a lunch picnic for pride at our church!  If you might be interested in working with Pastor Mel to research interest, plan, and host a pride picnic in our backyard on September 21st, please email her at


Pastor’s Office…



Office Hours – Tuesdays 9am – 12pm, Wednesdays 1:30pm – 5:00pm.  

Also, Pastor Mel is often available by appointment during the week.  To make an appointment, call the church office at 940-322-4100 (leave a message!) or email Pastor Mel.  



Black Stripes 


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